About Us

AL ANAJ PLASTIC INDUSTRY LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of well designed household plastic products. We manufacture huge range of plastic home items i.e. Jars, Hangers, ice-cream box microwave, buckets, bath tubs, Lotion Pumps, bath stools, soap cases, bath mugs, basins, bins, dustpans, racks etc. We’re providing various colors and fabulous designs. Our primary objective is to achieve excellence in every sphere so that we can build relationships of trust and confidence with our clients. We give immense focus on the specifications of the buyers and design products as per their requirements. All products are made with the best quality raw material under the supervision of experts and professionals.

We Deals In ;

1. Injection Moulding

2. Blow Molding 

3. PET Molding


Injection moulding is used to create many things like Electrical boxes, mop heads, high-end trash and recycling receptacles, sharp disposal bins and wall mounts, roofing rents, and most other plastic products available today. Injection moulding is the commonest modern method of producing plastic parts; it is  ideal for producing high volumes of an equivalent object.


The process of injection blow molding (IBM) is used for the manufacturing  of hollow glass and plastic objects in large quantities. This is the least-used of the three blow molding processes, and is usually used to make small medical and single serve bottles. The process is split into three steps: injection, blowing and ejection.


The injection molding method is especially used to enhance the molding of PET. A screw type injection machine is usually used. The screw usually must be hardened to avoid wear after future use. The length of the nozzle hole of the injection machine should be as short as possible, and the diameter of the injection machine should be around 3mm.

Among the foremost popular methods of fabricating plastic parts is Injection molding. Finding injection molding manufacturers could be easy but finding the best injection molding manufacturer in Dubai isn’t too challenging. Injection molding isn’t just utilized in day to day items like toothbrushes and medical devices, but they’re utilized in consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive dashboards, power tools, and so on.

From the smaller to the most important components, injection molding plays an important role altogether in plastic products. Our’s proficiency in plastic injection molding helps a spread of industries to achieve quality outputs. We’re efficient in industrial molded plastic assemblies and sub-assemblies. If you’re finding the best plastic manufacturing company of productivity, functionality and low manufacturing costs of plastic parts then you can trust our high-performance thermoplastics and molding processes.